Application procedure


Throughout this application process, we are searching for a fitting candidate for our dormitory. Due to the fact that the number of applicants is extremely high (roughly 10 candidates per room), we ask you to please first consider our Requirements and check that you are able to apply for a place in Willi Graf.

Your application will be read by 6 students of Willi Graf, the board of directors as well as the administration, who will each in turn discuss the different points of you application. You will find out if you were successful roughly 6 weeks after the application date by email.

In the event that your application needs to be changed after the due date - for example, because you have already found an appartment or moved cities - we ask you to please let us know as soon as possible.

We will require the following documents from you:

  1.  Photo
    Don’t worry, whether it is a passport photo or a selfie is not important to us. What is important, is that the photo is up to date and recognisable!
  2. Motivation Letter/ CV
    For this stage of the application process we need a short (1 page) detailed resume (not bullet points!) with the goal of explaining to us a little bit about yourself - why do you want to move in? What do you expect from a dormitory? What do you like to do in your free time? It is not important what kind of high school grades you received but rather to try to get a sense of you as a person!

    Some topics to discuss are for example:
  • your free time and hobbies
  • any social engagement / volunteering work
  • your future studies and career goals
  • your family and friends
  • your church involvement / religion

References are helpful for us to gain a clearer picture of your. They give us the opportunity to discover more about your character and disposition towards activities such as social engagement.

Application form
In the application form it is important that you fill everything out. You can add your photo, resumé and references as an attachment. Unfortunately, we can’t consider applications without a photo or detailed resumé. Please note that you can only apply online with the application form found there. If you experience any problems whilst sending the form feel free to contact our network administrators!


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