Dear applicants to the student dormitory Willi Graf,

Our dormitory differs from the other dormitories in the Studentenwerk network: we have an invested interest in choosing who lives here! Therefore, we have developed a detailed application process. Each and every application will be read by 6 students and the board of directors of Willi Graf in order to come to a consensus on who moves in and who receives a place on the waiting list.

We understand that here in Munich there is a considerable lack of affordable accommodation. In average we receive 100 applications for 10 available rooms. We are sure you can understand the huge pressure this puts on the members of the intake committee, all of whom are work voluntarily, giving up their time to share the affordable housing we have to offer.Since we expect to receive even more applications for this coming semester, we ask you to please  read our criteria carefully in order to determine whether we are able to offer you a place in WGH.
In order to distribute the accommodation fairly amongst students we can unfortunately not take students who:

We ask you to please understand that we will fact-check your application.
If you do in fact fulfil these criteria then we look forward to your application!


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